Case Study Applying for Funding

Club: Bowmen of Pendle & Samlesbury Goal: To receive funding to support the club’s “On the Road” community project Method: By working out an action plan and matching the club’s needs to the funder’s needs. Result: Received £10,000 from Sport England and£1,000 from Archery GB

What the club did…

Bowmen of Pendle & Samlesbury had an idea for a project to take archery to the masses by providing Have a Go’s at community fetes, carnivals and local school sports and open days. “On the Road” was born.

In order to do this the club needed new equipment and a trailer to stow and transport all the equipment. The equipment included bows, bosses, netting, maintenance equipment and spares. Every piece of equipment was itemised and a cost added and the whole project would cost in excess of £12,500.

In order to finance this project the club knew it would have to apply for funding from a variety of sources.

  • As a founding club of Archery GB’s club development programme ontarget, it applied for a grant from the ontarget small grants scheme and also identified Sport England’s Small Grant Programme as a major source of funding.
  • The club approached Arran Coggan (National Club Development Coordinator) to assist with the Sport England application and contacted their local council and County Sports Partnership (CSP) for additional support.

The result…

The club were awarded £1,000 from the ontarget small grants scheme. Sport England agreed to award the full £10,000 the club applied for. The grant application was strengthened with the fact they had a detailed project plan and outline. The club is now in the process of purchasing the equipment and already have several schools and community events who want archery sessions. The project is already successful and they have not officially started it yet!