Learn how to use and make simple adaptive devices to support disabled people in archery.

October 2nd 2019
Sarah Booth

We know that disabled people are less likely to play sport and Archery GB is committed to breaking down the barriers that stop disabled people taking part in archery.

This workshop has been developed to support coaches and club volunteers to cater for disabled people who are new to archery. During this workshop you will:

  • Explore how different disabilities effect shooting; including limited balance/stance/strength, difficulties drawing the string, and visual impairment
  • Have a go at creating your own adaptive devices for people with varying needs
  • Learn how to create a welcoming and supportive environment
  • Understand additional safety and risk considerations

The aim of every beginner session is to get the archer safely shooting as soon as possible. This workshop helps coaches and club volunteers, do just that.


In celebration of Paralympics GB’s ‘Impossible to Ignore’ campaign, we are pleased to offer this workshop at a subsidised price of £65 per person (the usual cost of this workshop is £120 per person). 

For further information please download the poster below or book via our online membership portal by clicking here.



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