Case Study Recruiting Coach Assistants

Club: Deer Park Archers Goal: To recruit volunteers to support a growing number of junior archers Method: By training up parent and teacher coaching assistants Result: High levels of success at competitions and reduced drop-out rates

What the club did…

Deer Park Archers has seen a large rise in junior membership over the last 3 years. Something needed to be done to ensure that every member felt supported. One of the key areas the club decided to develop was ‘parent/teacher coaching assistants’.

The new recruits have gone on to support juniors under the supervision of the club’s qualified coaches:

  • The club produced role descriptions for the parent and teacher coaching assistants.
  • Parents/teachers expressed their interest in the roles to the coaching team.
  • The coaching team recruited applicants with the skills and motivation and arranged appropriate informal training to induct them to the new role.
  • Each parent/teacher took part in a beginner course and attended club workshops (from basic equipment maintenance and bow tuning to basic technique).
  • Under the guidance of the coaches the assistants now support junior archers to achieve specified development targets and report back any deviations from the plans.

The result…

The ‘value added’ support provided at each training session has had a positive impact on the personal development of the archers, assistants and coaches. Attendance at training sessions is high and archers have been motivated to start entering competitions.

Some of the assistant coaches were inspired to complete a formal coaching qualification. Lastly, the existing coaches developed their own mentoring skills and had more time to help the broader range of club archers.