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Share your experiences in archery for a chance to win Amazon vouchers!

June 22nd 2021
Vicky Sartain

Last chance to share your story! Independent research agency, Sports Marketing Surveys, launches survey to gather information about archers’ experiences in the sport.

How did you first get into archery? How has your journey through the sport been since then? Archery GB has teamed up with Sports Marketing Surveys in order to understand your participation experiences and attitudes towards archery during each life stage. The Sporting Journeys survey is aimed at male and female sports participants (current and past) aged 16 years and over.

Your responses will be part of a national study including other sports, and will be used to better understand people’s sporting experiences over time. The insights will help us to improve our sports delivery and provision for people of all ages, supporting us to grow and sustain participation in archery.

Take part in the survey

Please take 5-10 minutes to complete the Sporting Journeys survey and share your archery journey. As a thank you for your time, you will have the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win one of five £100 Amazon vouchers!


This survey is being administered by independent sports research agency, Sports Marketing Surveys. The agency plans to close the survey on Monday 28 June 2021, depending on the number of responses received.

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After-school archery club benefits from AGB participation project

22 Oct 2021
Vicky Sartain
Ninestiles Academy in Birmingham is part of Archery GB’s ongoing SportsAid-funded initiative, Project Rimaya, to promote the sport across ethnically diverse communities. Funding from the project has resulted in Ninestiles qualifying a staff member to be an archery instructor, helping to introduce the sport to a new generation.