Rules Of Shooting April 2017

March 28th 2017

Archery GB have made changes to the following Rules of Shooting and Shooting Administrative Procedures, effective from 1st April 2017

Rule 302 – Range Safety

The revision includes range registration, independent shooting ranges alongside one another and range assessments.

The whole of 302 has been revised with paragraphs being re-numbered accordingly.

Rule 303 (f), (g), and (h) – Bowstyles. Paragraph (f) had been previously been deleted, so paragraph (g) has become (f), paragraph (h) has become (g).

Rule 700 (b) – Clout Range Safety. The overshoots have been revised, and withthe description a new appendix E shows the relevant distances.

A revised Rule Book has been published on the website, together with a document detailing the changed rules only.

Some small additional wording changes have been made where neccessary within the rule book, but which do not affect the purpose of the rules.

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