Get your entries in for the Ontarget Club Competition

March 5th 2019
Sarah Booth

The competition is now open for 2019... take advantage of the early bird offer of £15 per team for entries submitted by 10 March 2019. 

For the first time we welcome Longbow and Barebow archers into the competition. We hope that this will encourage more clubs to get involved and strengthen the ethos of the competition as a social event for all club archers.

We are also providing a second chance or repechage for those teams that lose their first stage match. Depending on the numbers involved we will also invite these clubs to the finals in September.

Entry is £30 per team. There is an early bird offer of £15 per team for entries submitted by 10 March 2019.  Entries are only accepted on the Members Portal – and this can be done by anyone from the club who has access rights.

For further information and updated rules please click here.

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