Ambassadors: new kit – and new sponsor!

July 29th 2019
Jane Percival

Archery GB Ambassadors and Mentors have a new look – and we are delighted to announce they have a new sponsor: Clickers Archery!

Graham Harris, Chief Executive of Clickers, thinks it’s a great investment in archery’s future. He said: “We have a great sport, a sport that is truly accessible to all. The Ambassador programme will help raise the awareness of the sport and hopefully introduce more young people to it.”

One of the first to showcase the new kit was Young Ambassador Aaron Christie during an afternoon of sports activities for more than 30 refugees from war-torn countries. The event was hosted by Lonsdale Archers and Aaron, along with two qualified coaches and his dad, an Archery GB Mentor, using the Arrows kit. “It was so popular people came back to shoot several times. We didn’t stop!” said Aaron.

There will be a special report about how Aaron – and our other Ambassadors – are getting on in the next edition of Archery UK.

Above: Aaron and his dad show how it’s done with the Arrows kit.

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