Membership Fees 2020/21

July 14th 2020
Vicky Sartain

Dear member, on behalf of everyone at Archery GB, we wanted to begin by saying a big thank you for your continued support and engagement through this incredibly challenging time.

Many of you will have mixed emotions about returning to ‘normality’, including getting back to archery. For those who have been impacted by the last few months, our thoughts are with you.

It is your feedback through emails, phone calls and the input of our volunteer working groups that has guided us so far. And this will continue. The Archery GB team has worked incredibly hard to make sure that our members are at the forefront of the planning and have done a magnificent job developing plans for a return to sport – delivering webinars, Zoom meetings, keeping the social media channels going and we are sure you will join us in thanking them.

There is no getting away from the fact that the financial picture for Archery GB looks difficult. We have furloughed staff, cut non-essential spend and have tried to save as much money as possible, without cutting back on our essential services to you. Since this current crisis began, we have spent many hours forecasting a variety of different scenarios – you will appreciate it is very difficult to predict in such uncertain and constantly changing times. As the government restrictions are lifted, we remain prepared to react quickly to local lockdowns and we have the possibility of a second wave firmly logged on our risk register.

We were hoping that we might be able to announce a reduction in renewal fees for our existing members as a small gesture of our appreciation for sticking with us during this time, and an acknowledgement that you haven’t been able to do the activity you enjoy and the reason that you join us – to shoot arrows. We know that although some clubs have opened, many have not, and we also know that for those clubs that have opened, attendance is lower – coronavirus is the biggest threat that archery, sport and society has faced for a long time.

With the serious risk of an economic downturn, our financial modelling has shown that the risk to the financial stability of the organisation is high. We are predicting at least a 15% downturn in renewals and a 50% decrease in new members for next year. On top of that, 50% of our clubs are situated at venues that are at risk of being unable to open in the near future (such as education sites).

At this point, we haven’t been able to make the numbers work to enable us to offer a reduction in renewal fees. However, we are still working on some possible solutions – last week UK Sport announced a Continuity Fund, which may allow us to access further financial support, and we continue to look at further ways to cut costs across the organisation. We can commit, at the very least, to freezing renewing membership fees for the 2020/21 membership year – we will make a full announcement on fees for renewing members by the 31 July 2020.

To help the sport get back on its feet, we are working on a support pack for clubs that have been unable to open – and will be working with those clubs and their landlords to try and build confidence so that they can open safely. We are also working on a small grant scheme, so we can offer some funding support to help clubs provide either opportunities for existing members as well as opportunities to encourage new members into our sport.

To help kick start the drive for new participants, we are delighted to announce the pro rata fees for new members, those who will join us between now and the end of September. We are also waiving the 18-month rule for lapsed members for the rest of this membership year (until 30 September 2020). Our lapsed member survey tells us that 70% of members who leave the sport hope to return in the future. To help ease the pressure on beginners’ courses, we will be creating a campaign to encourage lapsed members back for this membership year. With a short induction to refresh their skills, we hope that clubs can safely welcome back a pool of people who once enjoyed the sport. More details will be announced to clubs in the coming weeks. The pro rata fees and new membership fees can be found below.

We are committed to repaying your loyalty to us and your club, by pledging that if we do better than anticipated, we will reinvest any surplus funds back into grassroots archery. We appreciate that this may not be the news you were hoping for, and it wasn’t the news we were hoping to share – but together we can continue to ride the challenges of Covid-19 and ensure archery has a sustainable future.

We appeal to you to continue to support us on this journey and we appeal to you to rejoin your clubs and support them. So please, when renewal time comes around, help us to weather this storm so that archery can continue to enrich the lives of all of us who participate in it.

With best wishes,

Mark Briegal & Neil Armitage

The new member fees for next year can be found below:

Current Membership Year until 30 Sept 2020

New Members & Lapsed Members: July to Sept 2020

  1. New Club & Lapsed Members:
  • July Senior £12 all others £4
  • August Senior £8 all other £4
  • September Senior £nil, all other £nil. New members will still need to register before the 30 September to get the renewal rate.

Four weeks free taster for all categories in September due to proximity of new membership year.

  1. New & Lapsed Direct Members:
  • July Senior £14 all others £4
  • August Senior £9 all other £4
  • September Senior £nil, all other £nil. New members will still need to register before 30 September to get the renewal rate.

*If you wish to add the July/August or September rate for a lapsed member please email so we can raise the correct payment advice for you.

Please note – Sport 80 are in the process of updating the online system, which will be completed as soon as possible and by the 17 July 2020 at the latest.

Renewing Members – Membership Year 2020/21

To be announced by 31 July 2020.

New Members in 2020/21

New member fees:

Senior Club Senior Direct All others
   £    £    £
October to March    48    56    14
April to June    24    28    7
July to August    12    14    5
September Free taster for all categories

£5 becomes the minimum charge

For further information regarding fees please email: or call 01952 677888.

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