Good Governance and Management

This area is overseen by Lis Bellamy (Independent Non-Executive Board Director)

Lis Bellamy Profile


OPP-04-04 Disciplinary Policy and Procedures
OPP-06e-02 Code of Conduct – Anti-Bribery
OPP-06f-01 Unacceptable Behaviour Procedures
OPP-07-01 Health and Safety Policy and Procedures
OPP-08-02 Customer Complaints Policy and Procedures
OPP-10-02 Data Protection Policy and Procedures
OPP-11-02 Fraud Prevention and Detection Policy and Procedures
OPP-12-02 Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures
OPP-13-01 Conflicts of Interest Policy and Procedures
Proc-11-01 Archery GB Service Standards and Archery GB Service Guidelines
Proc-15-01 Public Social Media Procedures
Proc-17-01 Authority Limitations and Delegated Authorities
Archery GB Dogs at Competitions and Events Guidance

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