Archery GB launches exciting Ambassadors and Mentors programme

November 12th 2018
Sarah Booth

Archery GB are looking to recruit, develop and support our future generation of volunteers!

Archery GB’s strategic plan identifies the need to retain more people in the sport, for longer, by supporting and developing clubs, competition and coaching opportunities to improve the quality of people’s archery experience. Many lapsed members also have a high interest in returning and our aim is to make the experience as enjoyable, progressive and achieving as possible, so they are more likely to continue to participate in archery for longer.

We know archery in the UK is powered by volunteers within our network of clubs and it is these people that make the archery experience so great for all those involved. Archery has had a huge impact on a large number of people’s lives, therefore these archers who have personal experience of the sport, are ideal to encourage others. That’s why Archery GB would like to recruit, develop and support our future generation of volunteers!

Archery GB are seeking expressions of interest from a wide variety of volunteers who are interested in becoming Young Ambassadors, Club Ambassadors,Mentors and Special Interest Group members. You need to have a passion for the sport and a desire to share that passion and help others to enjoy the benefits of archery. You may already be volunteering at your club or want to get more involved in helping your club develop.

Key focus of Young Ambassadors: Share your story and help your club engage and encourage other young people to get involved in archery. You will need to be aged 11 – 24 years old.

Key focus of Club Ambassadors: To help grow and sustain participation in archery and ensure all involved have a quality experience. These are some of the ways you can get involved. You don’t have to do everything, just choose activities that suit your time availability.

For more information on the above roles please click here.

Key focus of a Special Interest Group Member: To provide expertise to help shape the formation of an action plan to deliver targeted activities, change perceptions and behaviours and enhance the customer experience for the identified target group.

For more information on the above role please click here.


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