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All around the country, clubs run Have-a-Go, taster sessions and beginner’s courses tailored to the needs of their communities, which are delivered by qualified coaches.

Courses can vary from club to club, but they will all share some things in common. All equipment is provided, and everyone is properly insured during the sessions. Courses are typically delivered as group sessions.

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UPDATE: July 2020 – Please check with the club that they have reopened and that the event is still running. We will be asking all clubs to update their information but please bear with us and the clubs as they get used to the changes we are all experiencing.

Map Key: Green = Have-A-Go; Red = Tasters Session; Blue = Beginner’s Course


Event Descriptions 

Have-A-Go and Taster Sessions are short one-off activities giving you a taste of what archery is about. Beginners courses are usually delivered over a six-week period in which you will receive an introduction to target archery and be taught the correct shooting technique.

To join a club, you will normally be expected to undertake a Beginners Course, at which time you would usually also become a member of Archery GB. Archery GB provides the infrastructure for the sport, sends you a membership card that allows you to shoot almost anywhere in the world, and keeps you up to date through its magazine, ezine, website and social media.

For more information about starting out in archery, you can visit the section on our Beginners Guidebook.

Please be aware that not all club information is displayed, so if there is nothing near you, please use the Club Finder for your nearest.

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