Big Weekend

The archery Big Weekend is when clubs throw open their doors to people interested in trying archery for the first time. This year there will be three events aimed at rebuilding archery in 2021.

Big Weekend extravaganza!

Please join us for the return of our annual Big Weekend 9-11 July (2-4 July in Northern Ireland) with the new addition of the Big Week 5-9 July.

Sign your club up for the Big Week and Big Weekend here!


Top 10 benefits of taking part:

  1. Potential new members for your club, and therefore new volunteers too
  2. National promotion of your event from Archery GB, leading to increased general awareness in the community – may lead to new future partnerships and opportunities
  3. Chance to win one of three prizes for your club from The Archery Shop: Viking Wasp metal detector, 48 Easton Neos arrows pack or a pack of 50 target faces (see details below)
  4. To reward those taking the Melanoma Fund quiz, there are 150 FREE Sun-Sorted! kits containing 30 x bottles of SunSense Kids SPF50 and eco-friendly Sun-Sorted! wristbands to claim (see details below)
  5. A toolkit of resources available to you here to help you prepare and deliver your event
  6. 10 Focus clubs around the country will have an extra pair of hands from a member of staff, who will also bring resources including a Big Weekend feather flag for the day
  7. A new and simple QR code registration system to register participants at the events, plus participants can sign up to get 15% off Cotswold Outdoor this summer, when they register
  8. Stickers to give to participants once they are registered, and bunting to mark out the route to your registration point, or around your range: for you to keep and reuse for other Open Days
  9. New microsite where potential new archers can sign up to receive more information about further archery opportunities and beginners’ courses on offer all around the UK
  10. Great opportunity to pull together, involve everyone (no matter age, ability or archery experience) have fun, hold a social, and celebrate the sport we love by helping others enjoy it

The Archery Shop logo

The Archery Shop competition for clubs taking part

The Big Week and Big Weekend is run in partnership with The Archery Shop

Clubs taking part in the Big Week or the Big Weekend who contact The Archery Shop to set up an account, or confirm their existing account, will be entered into the competition for a chance to win one of three prizes:

  • Viking Wasp metal detector
  • 48 Easton Neos arrows pack
  • Pack of 50 target faces

Get your summer taster sessions Sun-Sorted through Melanoma Fund!

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code is a free accreditation resource, helping you add effective and up-to-date sun protection to every outdoor sport’s session. Getting children to take the Sun-Sorted! quiz will also ensure everyone understands why sun protection is important, making your task easier.

To reward those taking the quiz, the Melanoma Fund is offering 150 FREE Sun-Sorted! kits containing 30 x bottles of SunSense Kids SPF50 and eco-friendly Sun-Sorted! wristbands. To find out more click HERE.

To receive a free sun safety pack for your club email with your name and address. Packs are limited so order soon if you’d like free sun protection for your Big Weekend event or taster sessions this summer.


Important information to be shared with all Big Week and Big Weekend organisers

We are looking to pull all organisers together online on Monday 28 June, 7-8pm.  We will email you the link.  There will be updates on how to run the events in compliance with the latest guidance for visitors, how to register participants, and what your club should be receiving and when.

This is a national project, so it will be great to be able to meet other event organisers and share ideas and experience, and know you are part of something bigger than your event alone.

Plan your event your way

Started for the Games in London 2012, an estimated 45,354 people have now been introduced to archery through Big Weekend events! After Covid, most clubs are looking to recruit new members and build their clubs back stronger then ever. In partnership with The Archery Shop, this joint celebration of archery, with support from Archery GB and help in promotion, is different from any other have-a-go because together we can raise the profile of our great sport, through welcoming and friendly fun-day style events for beginners.

Planning events in July allows clubs to be back to full activity levels, and also maximise the buzz of the upcoming Tokyo Games. New this year, the ‘Big Week’ on 5-9 July will focus on encouraging archery in new places such as outdoor activity locations, with community groups or uniformed organisations, and in schools etc, and allows organisations even more dates to plan an event.

How about an event at a location in your area where there are lots of passers-by, an open day at your club location you can invite your community to, or a regular club session, perhaps with refreshments afterwards, where members can also bring along friends and family to try archery?

Archery GB will offer support in promoting your events on a national basis, and resources and toolkits are available in the Documents section below to help with your preparations.

Check out the recordings of previous webinars:

It would be amazing if the general public could all find an event running near them, wherever they are in the country. Let’s join forces and do this together!

Feedback from previous organisers:

“People really enjoyed themselves”

“We filled up the vacancies in our Beginners’ Course”

“We reached new people”

“It was a huge success”

In the Documents section at the bottom of this page you will find a selection of documents to help you plan for your event(s). We will add to these as the date approaches with support around publicising your event and boosting engagement on social media.


Logo of the Big Reopening 

Big Reopening – 7-9 May 2021

Thank you to all the clubs who took part in the Big Reopening in May. It was great to see photos and videos, and hear your feedback. Clubs chose their own activities from a package of ideas and activities supplied from Archery GB, all aimed at re-engaging the whole of the club: the regular archers, beginners ready to start shooting again, juniors, people who have been shielding, and everyone else!

Congratulations to the winners of the Big Reopening photo competition, who have won the following prizes:

  • A free place for a club member on the ‘Empowering Archery Part 1’ module

Archers of Raunds, Northamptonshire

  • Pack of Beginner Handbooks for participants on their next beginners’ course

Kingston Archers, Wiltshire

Kingston Archers

  • 2hr online coaching session with Lloyd Brown

Lonsdale Archers, Lancashire

Lonsdale Archers

The runner-up was Norton Archers, capturing a perfect moment between showers!

Norton Archers

Many thanks to all clubs who entered photos.

Also, congratulations to the winners of the Big Reopening Inter-club competition:

Team Score

  1. Eagle Bowman of Bedford – Talon-ted                       2070
  2. Assheton Bowmen D                                                      1910
  3. AC Delco Bowmen Archery Club – Team A               1870


A big thank you goes to Graham Hadfield, and Ben and Nikki Ledwick for organising this competition. Please see full results below in the Documents section [Virtual National National Results], and here are some quotes from a few people who took part:

“Many thanks. We all really enjoyed the day of shooting. It was like getting back to normal!”   Stuart Edwards, Guildford Archery Club 

“Great to get many members who do not normally shoot any competition, so really great to see them stepping up. We did manage to get our 80-year-old longbow archer to shoot, but struggled in the wind with tree trunk arrows!  The two LBs in the ‘Se-archers’ team combined age was 150….!”  Mark Ricketts, Kingston Archers

“Many thanks for organising. Thoroughly enjoyed by all club members and our latest beginners who are currently on their introduction to archery course and those just completed. Our team was chosen to demonstrate that all can enter competitions from juniors to retired veterans and enjoy the event which has given them all a boost. Again, thanks for organising and hope we can do this again!”  Graham Brooks , Six Towns Company of Archers

“Thank you for organising this, it generated a lot of interest and enjoyment in the club.”  Chrissie Mortlock, Bowmen of Rutland 


Big Weekend A4 Have-a-go standard poster
Big Weekend A4 Have-a-go poster – Welsh language version
Archery GB Big Weekend Pre-Event Release for Clubs
AGB’s Big Weekend Social Media Guide 2021
Come and try archery! (Graphics – banner)