Archery GB Big Weekend

Archery Big Weekend Clubs and organisations are once again invited to throw open their doors and welcome members of the public to try archery at fun and friendly events.

The Archery Big Weekend has been postponed until further notice.


Started for the Games in London 2012, an estimated 45,354 people have now been introduced to archery at a Big Weekend event over the past few years!  Thank you for playing your part in this.  This National weekend of archery is about celebrating and raising the profile of our great sport, at welcoming and friendly fun-day style events.  Feedback from organisers in 2019:

“More turned up than expected”

“People really enjoyed themselves”

“We filled up the vacancies in our Beginners’ Course”

“We reached new people”

“4 new members from the event!”

“It was a huge success”

“A lovely event long may it continue”

“More guidance on growing, selecting, training a volunteer workforce & how to staff an event”

“Great to have a member of AGB staff at our event.  It shows that AGB is not just an organisation focused on performance”

“Very good positive event. Thank you”


  • Please read the Guide on How to Run a fantastic Open Day, and the Archery GB Code of Conduct for have-a-go sessions, to ensure you know what is expected. We know clubs are great at running events, but maybe there is a way of making the Big Weekend your biggest yet and a ‘fun day’ atmosphere?  Could you run your have-a-go somewhere crowds of people go?  Put a team together to head up your Big Weekend event


  • Next, it is really easy to sign up here We encourage you to do this as soon as possible, before the end of March if possible so we can offer your event full support and freebies


  • Ask a Club Secretary to register your event in the club records online. Event organisers will then start to receive regular reminders of key tasks to complete, and in May will receive a pack of give-away items for the people that come, plus two free T-shirts for organisers (if registered in time). Additional T-shirts can be bought for £7 each by contacting the Membership Team to make a payment before 3 April. Find the Handy Guides to registering events on the Members’ Portal.


  • In April, the details for the public to get involved will be made public so we will ask you to check your event is showing correctly. Please remember to let us know if any details change, to prevent members of the public being disappointed on the day


  • Ask everyone attending an event to complete a registration card, take details of those people who wish to take their archery further, and the event organiser sends all the cards to Archery GB in the envelope provided

The Kitbag

There is a full kitbag of digital assets for you to share, edit and print, to support the organisation and promotion of your event.  Involve as many people as possible to help promote across all your local area and networks.

The Kitbag includes:

  • Big Weekend – DIY PR Kit
  • Big Weekend – Logo jpeg
  • Big Weekend – Logo png
  • Big Weekend – Photography Brief
  • Big Weekend – Pre-event PR Template
  • Big Weekend – Post-event PR Template
  • Big Weekend  – Have a go poster
  • Big Weekend – How to run an open day
  • Big Weekend – Facebook Cover Photo
  • Big Weekend – Have a go Profile Picture
  • Big Weekend Social Media Guide


Range Safety


Archery GB clubs would already be aware of the following documents:

We know research has proved archery is a sport most people would love to try, so the Big Weekend is perfect. In this exciting Olympic and Paralympic year when more people are likely to want to try archery, it would be amazing if everyone could find an event near them: let’s join forces and do this together!


Big Weekend – pre promotion press release template
Big Weekend – Have a go Profile Picture
Big Weekend – Post event press release template
Big Weekend – Photography Consent Form

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