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Archery GB is pleased to announce that planning can now begin for the reintroduction of competitions. This will be a phased approach with organisers slowly increasing numbers. Record status competitions will not take place in August but we hope to reintroduce them for September if guidance allows.

Archery GB is releasing guidance documents to help tournament organisers plan and understand how the current government guidelines will apply to them and a webinar has taken place to allow them to ask questions around the document.

There are still a number of restrictions in place and it is clear that it will not be possible for events to operate in the same way that they have done previously.

Some events will be able to implement mitigations to ensure the safety and welfare of all involved. For other events, these changes may not be possible and they may still not be able to take place.

We are aware that the guidance will take time for organisers to review and assess if and how their events are able to operate.

There is certainly not an expectation that all events will be able to run from the in August and we would urge archers to be patient, to give organisers time to make decisions that will ensure the safety and welfare of all involved.

The tournament organisers guidance is also available for all members to look at and we strongly recommend you read all information before deciding to enter a competition.

For competitions to continue under the guidance this will require archers/judges and organiser to adapt and follow the rules which have been set out. Please bear in mind all members have been in different situations during the past few months and therefore you must respect everyone around you. To some, the restrictions might feel overcautious but we are here for all our members and want everyone to feel safe and secure.

For more information, check out these videos we have created for some guidance at COVID safe competitions.


Target, clout and flight competitions are restricted to 30 people (this includes archers, judges and other volunteers).


21/09/2020 – Minor update to TO and Archer documents concerning pre-event questions to archers (and volunteers) living in local lockdown or restricted areas.


Guidance Notes – Tournament Organiser – Phase 2 v1.1
AGB COVID 19 Risk Assessment Competitions V1.0 (Flight)
AGB COVID 19 Risk Assessment Competitions V1.0 (Field)
AGB COVID 19 Risk Assessment Competitions V1.0 (Target)
Guidance Notes – TO – Appendix 1 Target
Guidance Notes – TO – Appendix 2 Field v1.1
Guidance Notes – TO – Appendix 3 Clout
Field Archery Competition Pre Event Info Template
Target Archery Competition Pre Event INFO Template
Guidance Notes – Judges – Competition
Guidance Notes – Archers – Competition v1.1

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