Junior National Outdoor Championships

The Junior National Outdoor Championships 2021 will be held at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.

Entries open on the Online Members’ Portal  on 20 May at 7pm

Saturday 3 July

• Bristol II – Boys under 16, Girls under 18

• Bristol III – Boys under 14, Girls under 16

Sunday 4 July

• York – Boys under 21*.

• Hereford – Girls under 21*.

• Bristol I – Boys under 18

• Bristol IV – Boys under 12, Girls under 14

• Bristol V – Girls under 12

* Only those under 18 on the date of the competition are eligible for awards as this is a Junior competition under AGB rules. This means that archers over 18, although allowed to enter, cannot become Junior National Outdoor Champion.

Archers may enter for 1 day only due to Covid 19, this allows more entries within age groups. Archery GB would like to apologise to those archers who are now no longer able to compete for Junior National Outdoor Champion because of their age and who missed the chance in 2020.


Junior National Outdoor Championships Prospectus 2021
Junior National Outdoor Championships 2021 Bonus competition