Child using soft archery Arrows kit

Shared sports equipment has ‘low risk’ of Covid-19 transmission, study finds

February 10th 2021
Vicky Sartain

A new study suggests that Covid-19 transmission from sharing sports equipment is ‘lower than once thought’.

The study, carried out by the Liverpool Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, strengthens the case for getting back to archery as soon as possible, combined with the fact that the sport works well for social distancing. Many archery clubs that opened last year set up Covid-safe systems for their usual meetings and for beginners’ courses. See how Royal Richmond Archery Club set up Covid-safe beginners’ courses here.

Soft archery sets are ideal for use during the pandemic, being safe for children to play with at home or at school. Crucially, the kits are also easily cleaned. Graham Harris, creator of soft archery Arrows kits, and owner of Clickers Archery, said: “All the Arrows archery equipment can be cleaned with anti bac sprays – the type that schools/workplaces are being cleaned with. Even the bow strings can be cleaned, either during or at the end of sessions.”

Covid 19: Why choose Arrows soft archery kits?

  • Targets and shooting positions can be spaced apart so that everyone remains socially distanced as required by your Covid-19 Risk Assessment. Just adjust your rapid range set up accordingly!
  • If the school uses ‘bubbles’ for pupils, then pupils could in their bubbles shoot on a target up to a maximum of 4 pupils, with only two shooting at one time. The pupils in this bubble could then share bows / arrows / targets as needed.
  • Fun warm-ups can still be used, with pupils socially distanced as required
  • For staff demonstration purposes for new groups, we would advise that a set of equipment – bow / target / arrows – are keep aside for staff use. Equipment should be cleaned between sessions if different staff members need to use it.
  • If arrows miss the target and go into a different target ‘bubble zone’, ensure pupils do not stray into that different target area whilst pupils from that target area are present.

Win Arrows kits!

Archery GB and Clickers Archery are giving away three Arrows kits!
Enter our Arrows kits competition here. Entry deadline: 31 March 2021.

For more about general Covid safety at the range, please visit Archery GB’s dedicated Covid guidance page.

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