Our 2018 British field champions are…

May 31st 2018
Jane Percival

More than 130 archers took to the Warren, near Watership Down for the 2018 All British and Open Field Archery Championships, hosted by Overton Black Arrows.

And conditions could not have been finer for the world record status World Archery event, shot over 24 marked and 24 unmarked targets. It also incorporated the Junior All-British Field Championships.

The archers were greeted with a misty start on the Saturday, which cleared to become a warm dry day. Threatened heavy rain on Sunday stayed away, replaced instead with hot and dry conditions with a moderate breeze.

There was also some pretty fine shooting and this year’s champions are:

American flatbow: Ian Brown and Emily Williams

  • Under 18s: Anna Catling

Barebow: Jason Meehan and Jessica Nilsson

  • Under 15s: James Walker-Mathews and Amelia Thomas
  • Under 18s: Tom Mehaffey and Phoebe Rose

Compound barebow: Simon Price and Marion Patterson

  • Under 18s: Menna William

Traditional: Ceri Thomas and Michaela Lake

Longbow: Alex Newnes and Beth DuthieCompound: Tapani Kalmaru and Hope Greenwood

Compound: Tapani Kalmaru and Hope Greenwood

  • Under 18s: Finnlay Barret-Rees and Cyra Rawdin-Jones

Recurve: Mark Nesbitt and Megan Tinker

  • Under 15s: Jodie Buckner
  • Under 18s: Joe Fairburn

Top veterans: John Davies, Jason Meehan, Victoria Williams, Marion Patterson, Bernie Dicks, Charlie Coombs, John Hartfield, Ceri Thomas and Michaela Lake.

Top married couple: Tom and Victoria Duncan

Top Home Nations team: England

You can find all the results here.

Picture: Malcolm Rees

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