Olympic Team Weekend and Individual timings update

July 26th 2021
Sophie Meering

The Olympic Archery Team competed this weekend in the team events. Plus an update on individual match times as typhoon heads for Tokyo.

The Olympic Archery Team events took place this weekend, with mixed results for GBR.

Mixed Team

The early hours of Saturday morning, BST, was the first-ever Olympic Archery mixed team event. Shooting for GBR was Sarah Bettles and Patrick Huston. The team qualified in 12 position after qualification and therefore shot against fifth seed PR China. Bettles and Huston stayed consistent throughout their match.

GBR took the first two sets 4-0. With PR China fighting back to shoot a 38 to GBR’s 36 in the third set. The fourth set was 37 apiece, meaning GBR took the win with just one arrow out of the gold and 5-3 set points.

In the 1/4, GBR were up against fourth seed Mexico. Bettles and Patrick opened strong with a 36, but that wasn’t enough to beat Mexico’s 38. Unfortunately, GBR could not keep up with Mexico, with Mexico taking the win 6-0.

The Olympic Archery Mixed Team finished the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in eighth place.

Full results can be found here.

Sarah and Patrick Olympic Archery Mixed Team

Women Team

Sunday saw the Recurve Women Team shooting against eighth seed Italy after qualifying ninth. GBR took the first set points to have a 2-0 lead. However, Italy took the next two sets taking it to 4-2 Italy. The third set was one point each, finishing on a 53 end.

The women team finished ninth overall.

Recurve Women Olympic Team

Men Team

The Recurve Men Olympic Team shot in the early hours of this morning. Their first match was against seventh seed Indonesia. Shooting 55, 53, 55 was more than enough against Indonesia. GBR men made quick work of the match and took the win in straight sets, 6-0.

Next, GBR were against the Netherlands, which qualified second. Starting with one set point each, GBR and the Netherlands were set for a close match. The second set was claimed by GBR to take a 3-1 lead. The Netherlands took the final two sets, winning 5-3 after finishing on a 57 end.

The men team finished fifth overall.

Recurve Men Olympic Archery Team

Individual Match Times

The Olympic Team events are over, which means it’s time for the individual matches! Let’s take a look at the current schedule for matches. All times are BST unless specified.

Tuesday 27 July

Tom Hall will shoot his 1/32 match against 17th seed MD Ruman Shana (BAN) at 05:18-05:31. A win will see him shoot his 1/16 match at 06:10-06:23 against either 49th seed Dan Olaru (MDA) or 16th seed Crispin Duenas (CAN).

Bryony Pitman has her 1/32 match against 27th seed Tan Ya-Ting (TPE) at 07:02-07:15. A win will secure a spot in the 1/16 match at 07:41-07:54 against either 59th seed Rihab Elwalid (TUN) or sixth seed Aida Roman (MEX).

Wednesday 28 July

Sarah Bettles will shoot her 1/32 match against 50th seed Valentina Acosta Giraldo (COL) at 01:56-02:09. A win will see her shoot the 1/16 match at 02:35-02.48 against either 47th seed Naomi Folkard (GBR) or 18th seed Jiaxin Wu (PR China).

Naomi Folkard has her 1/32 match against 18th seed Jiaxin Wu (PR China) at 02:09-02.22. Winning will see her shoot against either 15th seed Sarah Bettles (GBR) or 50th seed Valentina Acosta Giraldo (COL) in the 1/16 match at 02:35-02.48.

Patrick Huston shoots his 1/32 match against Marcus D’Almeida (BRA) at 05:24-05.37. A win will secure a spot in a 1/16 match at 06:16-06:29 against either 57th seed Jean-Charles Valladont (FRA) or eighth seed Sjef Van Den Berg (NED).

Thursday 29 July

James Woodgate will shoot his 1/32 match against 27th seed Ilfat Abdullin (KAZ) at 09:18-09.31. Winning will mean a 1/16 match at 10:10-10:23 against either 59th seed Slawomir Naploszek (POL) or sixth seed Steve Wijler (NED).

For the full schedule, please see here.


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