Tournament Organisers – Target, Clout and Flight Archery

Welcome to the tournament organisers target, clout and flight archery information page with forms and information you will find useful throughout the year.

Record Status Applications (September 2020)

All record status applications are now available to apply via the Membership Portal. Club secretaries can provide Tournament Organisers with access to the platform – which allows access to the Event section only.

There is also a simplified payment schedule:

  • UK record status – £25 (all disciplines)
  • World & Rose record status – £75
  • Non-record status – Free

We have created a Handy Guide to Event Sanctioning, which shares screen shots of the system, and walks you through registering an event. TOs can also use the platform for taking entries for a small administration fee. Please see the guide on how to do this, downloadable at the bottom of the page.

For more information or support email Electronic forms are to be phased out.

Tournament Forms (October 2018)

All Tournament Forms are now available electronically – these can be downloaded, completed and emailed back to

  • Handy Guide to Registering Competitions and Record Status
  • Tournament Organisers Report Form
  • AGB Rose, WA Star, WA Target, WA Arrowhead Award Claim Form
  • World & European Record Claim Form
  • UK Claim Form
  • 6 Gold & 3 Gold End Award Claim Form
  • Claim Form Guidance

Judges reports forms are separate and the Tournament Organiser does not have to provide a copy.


Handy Guide to Registering Competitions and Record Status
AGB Rose, WA Star,Target, Arrowhead Award Claim Form