Development Coach (Level 2)

If you want to help people who already shoot to learn how to train and take their archery to the next level, then the Development Coach course will deepen your understanding of the coaching knowledge, attributes, and practices, to be successful.

About the course

The course is designed to help coaches learn how to develop novice archers, including the design and delivery of an improver’s course, which is a popular way for archery clubs to continue to offer structured coaching to members beyond their initial beginner’s experience.

The course is structured into the following module titles.

1. Empowering Coaching for Archery

One of the biggest responsibilities that a coach has is setting the motivational climate for a coaching session. This module, designed by the University of Birmingham and tailored specifically to archery, explores the evidence around motivation and applies it to real life archery scenarios, enabling coaches to learn how they can create good relationships and an optimal climate for their archers to enjoy and succeed in archery.

2. Developing the Archer in Front of You

Designing a progressive series of sessions that addresses the needs of your archers, is essential for your archers to experience noticeable progress over a period of time. This module will help you understand how to prepare a coaching programme taking into consideration key design factors, including the needs of the person in front of you, goal setting, training principles, mental skills, equipment, anatomy, and nutrition.

3. Introduction to Technique

Every archer knows that learning good shooting technique early on sets you up for a happy and healthy experience of archery. From a coach’s perspective, understanding the basics of shooting form and teaching these to your beginners from the first session is really important. This module helps coaches to learn the simple steps to shooting and how to introduce this to new archers, based on their individual needs. It includes practical introduction on the use of drills and skills to improve the quality of practice.

4. Coaching Technique

This module introduces Archery GB’s Technical Framework, providing essential guidance for coaches to evaluate and develop improved shooting technique. It includes analysis and evaluation of technique using a new tool called the Technical Achievement Summary (developed by Lloyd Brown, former USA and GB Olympic Coach, and now Archery GB’s Coach Development Manager), action planning to improve technique, and practical experience of using drills and skills to improve the quality of practice.

5. Equipment Set Up (Recurve)

This module supports you to learn correct equipment selection, set-up and tuning of modern competition recurve bows, utilising high-speed video and practical application. (For the purpose of assessment, you choose to undertake either the Recurve or Compound assessment tasks).

6. Equipment Set Up (Compound)

This module supports you to learn correct equipment selection, sizing, set-up and tuning of compound bows, utilising high-speed video and practical application. (For the purpose of assessment, you choose to undertake either the Recurve or Compound assessment tasks).

7. Supported Practice and Coach Presentation

As much as we love the theory of coaching, we can only test ourselves by giving it a go with a real audience. This module provides you with the time to practice what you’ve learned from all of the other modules. We’re not expecting perfection, and this is all about learning. By picking a local mentor, someone you trust and can learn with, you will have the support you need on the ground. After some practice, coaches return for the final day of the course, ready to provide a sample coaching session using one of your archers, on the course.

The course includes a series of assessments, designed within a supportive programme of learning that helps you achieve successful outcomes.

Attending a Course

Terms and conditions

Full details about the course are provided within the ‘Guidance for Learners Attending a Coaching Course’, which can be found in the document section below. This contains important information, including the terms and conditions, and needs to be read before applying to attend a course.

Entry onto the course

It is important that anyone attending the course has basic experience of taking part in archery (i.e. beyond a beginner level).

The course is open to members of Archery GB, aged at least 15 years old by the first day of the course. (When carrying out supported practice sessions away from the course, Learners who are under the age of 18 must be supervised by a responsible supervisor).

If you have a disability

We encourage people of all abilities to become a coach. If you have a disability or difficulty, we can make specific arrangements during the tuition and/or assessment to ensure you are not unfairly disadvantaged. Please read the reasonable adjustment policy provided below for full details, and to make an application for reasonable adjustment.

Cost of the course

The individual course fee is set by the course organiser, as a guide this is usually from £400 to £450. This does not cover your travel to and from the venue, or any accommodation or meals.

The fees from the course are used to pay for the venue and equipment, the Coach Developers, the learning materials and certificates, back office support and the costs for the behind the scenes development of the course.

If you are a volunteer coach and are coaching to benefit your club, we highly recommend enquiring with your club or county about financial assistance.

Find your nearest course

Development Coach courses taking place across the UK and open for bookings can be found using the Course Finder below.

Courses are set up on a local basis, and the venue is typically an archery club, sports centre or school.  If you hover over the map pin, you will see the name and e-mail contact address of the course organiser.  To book your place on a course simply download and complete the Learner Application Form below, and return it to the Course Organiser.  The Course Organiser is responsible for collecting the course fee, so we advise you to contact them via the e-mail address supplied for advice on the preferred method of payment.


All relevant documents are available to download below.



Code of Conduct – Coaches, Judges and Officials
Learner Reasonable Adjustment Process 2020
Learner Assessment Appeals Process 2020

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