Recognition Awards

Recognition Awards

The 2022 Recognition Awards are now open and we are seeking nominations – who would you like to see rewarded for their role in archery?

Archery GB is keen to highlight and recognise volunteers through the awards, which were combined over a year ago with the ontarget awards.

The awards align with Archery GB’s vision of Enriching Lives Through Archery, and the values we want the archery community to aspire to: value people for who they are and the contribution they make; choose to work and learn together; strive for excellence; always act with integrity.

There is a section for individuals and a section for organisations such as clubs, counties, regions or other organisations delivering archery.

Preparing your nomination

Please check the criteria in the Recognition Awards Information (also available at the end of this page). Anyone can nominate (including anyone who is not a member of Archery GB) using the online form. Nominations close on 31 July 2022. Please use a separate form for each nomination you wish to make and email a photo to support your nomination to

To help you prepare to make a nomination, as well as more straightforward questions, the sections to answer are:

  1. The reason you’re nominating (50 words maximum).
  2. Please provide more detail about your nomination eg what has been done, what impact have they made, what makes them stand out, and how long have they been delivering project/programme or ina specific role?

If you feel that an individual or the club deserves recognition, please take the time to consider nominating them.

Awards presentation 2022

An awards presentation evening will be held in September to announce and celebrate the winners. Who do you know that deserves recognition?

2021 Club & Volunteer Award Winners

Please watch the video below, to see the amazing volunteers and clubs, who won an award in 2021.

Please refer to the Archery GB Awards Information in the Documents section below.