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Great coaching shapes people’s experience and enhances their lives.

During an extensive consultation in 2017, we talked to a lot of coaches and members, and you told us what you really want from coaching. In response to what we heard, we launched the Coaching Plan for Archery (2017-21). Our plan describes how the modernisation of the coaching system is needed, to ensure it provides the best opportunities for our members, coaches, and instructors. This includes refreshing our learning opportunities to meet current and future expectations of our members.

We are pleased to share with you some of the work we have started and what will happen through the coming 12 months; and if you are a coach, how you may be affected.

We will continue with our consultative approach, to help us with the reforms of courses and the design of new projects.

Why is change needed?

We know great coaching shapes people’s experience and enhances their lives. We need to ensure the learning opportunities we provide to coaches are up to date and are fully supportive, to help them deliver coaching that meets the needs of our members.

What did you tell us could be better?

You’ve been active in sharing with us how you’d like your experience as a coach to be better.

  1. You want more information about different topics with expert guidance
  2. You want to learn in your own time and develop your coaching network
  3. You want qualifications with fully up to date technical teaching and material
  4. Being licensed is important to you because it demonstrates safety and quality
  5. You want to specialise in different ways, for example in recurve, compound, longbow, and barebow
  6. You want your club to support structured coaching programmes for its members

What are we going to do about it?

For each of the themes above, we have set to work on improving our offer to coaches.

  1. We’ve launched a new series of informal workshops on a range of topics for archers and coaches.


  1. We’re really excited to announce a new home for archery coaches to continue their learning!

Coaches will soon be able to access coaching content through their mobile phone, tablet, or pc via our new online learning platform – Learning Curve. It will be easy to assemble your own coaching community to share content, as well as take part in discussion with national coaches and coaches from all over the UK.

  1. We like our current Level 1 and Level 2 coaching qualifications, however, it’s time for a refresh.

A refresh of our qualifications is needed to ensure that the content we deliver is fully up to date and utilises the best teaching methods. We want to ensure our coaches continue to have a great experience on the course and feel prepared to continue their learning on the shooting field when they’re coaching.

We’ll be updating the content and restructuring the learning programme of the Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications, in alignment with the new Professional Standards for Coaching which was launched in 2018 by the government agency CIMSPA (Charted Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity).

Although this sounds quite intimidating, there is no need to be alarmed! The professional standards are very similar to the previous national standards that our courses are based on. This means that our courses are comparable to those provided by other sports to ensure consistent standards of coaching in the UK.

During this process, we’ll also be taking the opportunity to ensure the learner experience is as inclusive as possible, so there will be some changes to the learning requirements, materials, and how assessments are conducted.

Notice for current coaches and course organisers

If you are already a Level 1 or Level 2 Coach you can relax! There will be no requirement upon you to recomplete these courses or complete any ‘conversion’ or ‘upgrade’ courses. Your existing qualification continues to be fully recognised and valued.

  1. We are reviewing the coach licence renewal scheme

Our main aim in updating the coach licence renewal scheme will be to provide greater recognition to licenced coaches.

  1. We are working with club committees to establish more support for coaching activity

Coaching for archers is more likely to thrive in a club where the committee dedicates time for a structured coaching programme to take place and where coaches are valued and their training is supported.

We’re working with clubs as part of the ontarget Club Development Progamme and will be initiating further activity in this important area of work.

Further consultation

We have commissioned the University of Birmingham to conduct an independent research project into coaching in archery.


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