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Coaches are integral to providing people with meaningful experiences in archery. It’s our ambition to support coaches as best as possible and help coaches really enjoy what they do!

If you’re thinking of becoming an Instructor or Coach, or are one already, please take a look at these top opportunities for you to learn more and be part of the wider coaching community.

1.                   Join Learning Curve

Learning Curve is our new online community for licensed coaches, judges, and club volunteers.

Find out more about Learning Curve.

2.                   Come to a Workshop

Learn about archery in new ways with our series of workshops for archers and coaches.

Find out more about the workshops and book your place.

3.                   Achieve a Coach Qualification

Completing qualifications takes you on a learning journey to become better and show others that you know about your subject and best practice for coaching the sport.

Find out more about the coaching qualifications and book your place.

4.                   Maintain your Instructor or Coach License

Being licensed is really important because it shows others that you meet the minimum standards that are expected when teaching others and holding a position of trust. As a benefit of being licensed, coaches have free access to Learning Curve and join the wider community.

Find out more about renewing your Instructor License or Coaching License.

Coaching Plan (2017-21)

Coaching Plan (2017-21)

The Coaching Plan for Archery has been developed in consultation with coaches, members, and partners. It is part of a broader movement in sports coaching to rethink what it means to coach.

Figures show that a third of all people who don’t play sport say that a coach would encourage them to start. Good coaches inspire people to get active and stay active – they accompany others on a journey of improvement, helping people to progress faster and further than they could on their own and, importantly, keep them coming back.

“Connecting with people, understanding their needs and tailoring support to create the best experience for them is where the future of coaching lies.

“We want to support the coaching world to broaden the definition of what a coach is and I think they’re up for the challenge. We value coaches and their ability to nurture, encourage and support. These attributes need to be central plank of what it means to be a coach.” – Phil Smith, Sport England, Director of Sport

Our future depends on visible and vibrant coaching

This plan intends to bring about more enjoyment, progression, and achievement for people involved in archery, so that it is a meaningful part of their life, for longer.

Our aim is to provide coaching that is visible and vibrant in all places where archery happens. We will do this by establishing a successful British approach to coaching archery, developing both coaches and the places where coaches can succeed. In doing this, people will have a clear choice about the coaching they receive.

Our purpose is to develop great coaches

Archery GB is relied upon to provide a system of learning that helps people to coach effectively. We believe that great coaches at all levels of sport share common characteristics. They design situations to fully engage people in a learning process, their teaching is underpinned by a valid technical framework, and they are committed to their own process of reflection and continued learning. Great coaches also need the support of other people and places to nurture coaching environments.

Our actions

Many new people take up archery every year, and our challenge is to help them during this time so that they stay active. Coaching can be utilised to strengthen an archers sense of connection with the sport, and our actions will be coordinated to address this challenge, including:

  • A clearly defined technical framework for recurve and compound
  • A new range of continued learning opportunities for archers and coaches to develop
  • New communities of practice that engage archers and coaches in a friendly and supportive network of like-minded people
  • Closer relationships with clubs who are committed to providing successful coaching


The full coaching plan can be downloaded below.


Coaching Plan for Archery 2017 – 2021

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