Online Club Competition

Archery GB's fun Online Club Competition opens this summer! It's a great way to enter a competition without the pressure of a live tournament.

This year Archery GB has decided to rebrand the ontarget Club Competition and open the competition to all clubs in the form of our ‘Online Club Competition 2022’.

For those who have not been involved in the competition before, the rounds are designed to be a fun mixed team and mixed bowtype postal league format. Matches take 2 hours and will consist of 3 rounds of 2 dozen arrows, with archers shooting ends of 6 arrows. There are 2 leagues available: Compound and Recurve or Barebow and Longbow. Teams can enter one or both leagues. Each team should be an equal split consists of 4 archers, being of mixed gender, and archers should be 14 years old or older. This format is designed to be a fun, entry-level competition that clubs can all take part in. In the past some clubs have made a day of the shoot and all taken part, then took the 4 highest scores from the gender and bow type split, to create their overall team score.


For winners of the competition there is prize money available for 1st,2nd and 3rd for each league, plus an additional spot prize for the team that has the highest combined score in each league.

Eagle Bowmen of Bedford won the Compound and Recurve League. They said: “Why do we take part? It’s a great way to introduce competitions to archers in a gentle manner. We use it to promote self-improvement. With the prize money we were given, we chose to part sponsor a couple of archers through their Session Coach course. We also used some of the money to buy a couple of new bosses to replace those that took a severe weathering during their time in the field during Covid, where we left the range set up to reduce contamination points.”

How to enter

Entry fee per league is £10 for an ontarget club, £15 for non-ontarget clubs.

Clubs will be able to sign up from 1 July through to 31 August.

The league will be available to shoot from 1 August through to 30 September. (If clubs wish to better their scores, there will be an opportunity to re-take the round throughout the available shoot times).

To sign up, please log in to the members’ portal from 1 July 2022, and search under Events for ‘Online Club Competition’.

2021 winners

2021 – Compound and Recurve – Eagle Bowmen of Bedford. Barebow and Longbow – Norton Archers

For more information

Please contact Toby Andrews, Regional Development Officer, at:


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