Funding For Clubs

For every club to be able to develop in the way it wants to, it needs to be able to access the most up-to-date information about funding. That is why Archery GB's Handy Guide to Funding is updated every three months.

Funding For Clubs

For every club to be able to develop in the way it wants to, it may need to access external funding. Finding the right funding for your project can be time consuming.

Download Archery GB’s Handy Guide to Funding – which is updated every three months.

The Handy Guide runs through tips to make your application successful and highlights the main opportunities for clubs. What is available varies from County to County, so Archery GB can provide guidance, proof read applications and letters of support for a club’s funding applications. To find out more about this, you can contact the Sport Team on 01952 602795 or email:

Funding Webinar

We held our first Funding Webinar in May 2018. The slides and notes are available to download  by clicking on the link below. The information provided gave an overview of the current sport and funding policy of the Government, and Sport England, and how to best align your project and funding applications to the criteria of the funders.

Use the Handy Guide to Funding and other funding websites to find suitable funding. Speak to Archery GB to gain support for projects and help in preparing applications.



Funding Online Presentation – May 2018

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