Archery in Schools

Archery GB is working to develop products and resources to enable more archery to take place in schools. Take a look at what is available for primary schools and secondary schools.

In 2011 we published a review into the services and support offered to young people within our sport. For us to be able to develop our sport for young people further we first needed to be clear about what was currently available. The review made recommendations about how we should improve what we offer based on the opportunities available, thereby providing us with a focus for our development, which we are now working on
The review was compiled from information gathered from clubs, members and youth organisations delivering archery to young people.

Click here to download the Archery GB Review of Provision for Young People.
For some further information about archery in schools take a look at our handy guide


Archery GB Review of Provision for Young People
A Guide to Delivering Archery in Schools