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In comparison to other sports, archery clubs are small in membership numbers. Whilst this has advantages, it also carries with a number of important disadvantages.

For some small clubs, the capacity to increase in size is limited for varied reasons, but a positive alternative to a club growing in size is for them to work more closely with neighbouring archery clubs. When clubs work together they can often experience a whole variety of benefits that would otherwise pass them by.


Stronger and/or larger archery clubs can hold the following advantages:

  • Stronger presence and recognition in the local community
  • A greater ability to offer a wider social, practice and competitive environment
  • Access to greater financial resources both from within the club and from outside sources

Clubs who proactively work together can benefit from economies of scale, offer a more fruitful to experience to their archers and provide the community a broader range of archery opportunities to allow archers to enjoy, progress and achieve.

We recently launch a pilot programme – ontarget HUBS. Working with a small number of clubs, the project will seek to implement ways to facilitate stronger and healthier clubs.

The first pilot is centred around the four clubs: Eagle Bowmen of Bedford, Bedfordshire Bulls, St Neots Bowmen and Wellingborough Open Archery Club. This has seen work on proposals including upskilling of coaches, sharing facilities and competitions between the clubs. Nothing new but all grounded ideas that should help clubs develop and grow together.

We are now looking for clubs to set up additional pilots. Clubs interested in the programme should have an ambition to develop, improve but in a connected, sustainable and responsible way. Clubs may already have ideas on how to do this, but require additional support and guidance to deliver on this.

Criteria involved:

  • An ontarget HUB is 3 or more clubs working collaboratively
  • The clubs involved will seek ways to better retain members
  • look at the strengths and weaknesses of all the clubs involved
  • Plan activities that seek to address better retention of archers
  • Provide a better experience for archers, coaches and judges.

There must be a willingness to create a local working group, and embrace new ideas and to create a plan of action designed to address local issues. Archery GB will provide support, training and resources. There will be agreed targets and funding can be accessed to kick start activity in line with plans and monitoring.

There will be an expectation from the clubs to overcome issues together and work for the benefit of archers and the sport. Clubs will sign up to an agreement and commit resources, this could be people and/or funding – to support the initiatives planned.

If your club is interested then please contact Arran Coggan, for more information or complete the Expression of Interest form here:


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