Archery GB Big Weekend 2018

Archery Big Weekend 15-17 June 2018
Over the last six years, the Big Weekend has successfully introduced thousands of people to the great sport of archery. Clubs and organisations are once again invited to throw open their doors and welcome members of the public to try archery at fun and friendly events.

Want to give archery a go ?

Why not invite your friends and family to an event near you.

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For more details about Archery GB and archery clubs across the country take a look at our website or ask at a Big Weekend event about our beginnings courses. Your first step to joining the 40,000 archers throughout the UK.


Want to host an open day at your Club?

Clubs are asked to read through the Guide on How to Run a fantastic Open Day, and the Archery GB Code of Conduct for have-a-go sessions, to ensure you know what is expected, including all details, such as placing all archery targets for beginners on the floor.  Next, it is really easy to sign up, simply complete the online application form

Just before the weekend, we will be sending out goodie bags including items to give to the participants.  Clubs who are members of Archery GB will also qualify to receive two free T-shirts if you sign up before end of April 2018.  Additional T-shirts can be bought by contacting Membership Services before the end of April.

After April, the events registered and all details for the public to get involved will be shown on the Archery GB webpage.  To make sure your event receives maximum promotion, we’ve also partnered up with the BBC’s Things To Do campaign.

Some of the feedback from previous events…

“450% increase in numbers attending. Excellent weather.  Good turnout of members to help” Stockton Archers

“The event was successful. This type of event seems to attract families which we do not come to other have-a-go events” Tockington Archers

“Thank you for the toolkit and the pack – the pens and wristbands were much appreciated by the participants” Lugg Valley Company of Archers, Hereford

“It raised the profile of archery in our area and it’s always a brilliant way of promoting a sense of belonging amongst the club members, too.” Norton Archers, Stockton on Tees

“We do many community events, our team of 35 volunteers all agreed this was the most successful event we have ever organised, queues from start to finish, many have signed up for our other open community events!”  Deer Park Archers Ltd, Gloucester

“Even though it rained we had we had 372 people through over 2 days” Sittingbourne Community College Archers


The Kitbag

Soon to follow, a full kitbag of resources will appear here.  These digital assets are free for you to share, edit and print, and should make the organisation and promotion of your event even easier.  It is essential to promote your Big Weekend event, so that members of the community get to hear all about it.  Archery GB will be promoting all the events as well, so please remember to keep us informed if ANY details change about your event, to prevent members of the public being disappointed on the day.

The Kitbag includes:

  • Big Weekend pre-event and post-event press release templates
  • Big Weekend Photography Brief
  • Big Weekend Photography Consent Form
  • Big Weekend Logos

All these documents can be downloaded below and more will be added.


All Archery GB Big Weekend events need to comply with the Code of Conduct for have-a-go-events.

Archery GB clubs would already be aware of the following documents:

If you have any other issues please contact


Big Weekend – Photography Consent Form
Proc-06-01 Code of Practice for Have a Go Events
Big Weekend 2018 – How to run an open day
Big Weekend 2018 Have a go Profile Picture

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