Club Information COVID-19

A return to archery is taking place on a phased basis, the phases will change in line with the latest government guidelines once it has been published. Currently, we are working on a three-phase approach, and we are currently in Phase 2.

Please note, these phases are subject to change as the government exit strategy becomes clearer.

  • Phase 1 – Outdoor only. Family units or individual shooting. Social distancing of 2m maintained between anyone not in the same household. No social activities, “turn up, shoot, go home”, minimise contact with others. Coaching 1:5 allowed while maintaining social distancing.
  • Phase 2 – Indoor or outdoor shooting. Shooting in two details or family households. Limited numbers with appropriate social distancing between archers. Limited contact outside of shooting. Competitions allowed but limited to social distancing. From 25 July.
  • Phase 3 –Indoor and outdoor shooting. Full training and competition. Social activities permitted – Further details to follow.

Guidance to Returning to Archery

  • Phase 1 – Club Guidance (From 13 May)
  • Phase 2 – Club Guidance (From 27 May)
  • Phase 2 – Competition Guidance (to be launched soon)
  • FAQs
  • Risk assessment

(downloadable docs at the bottom of the page)

Facility Issues

Some clubs are unable to open because they are shooting on an education ground. Whilst we recognise the issues that schools are overcoming, we are aware some clubs have been able to return to shooting. We have created a letter template that clubs may wish to use to gain confidence that archery could return with minimal impact on the schools, its pupils and staff.

Click here for more.

Additional Resources

As sport and physical activity organisations plan their ‘return to play’, Sport England have collated advice, guidance and resources to help:




Guidance Notes for Supporting Disabled Archers – Phase 2
Archery Ranges Risk Assessment – Phase 2
Return to archery guidance for archers (version 1.4)
Return to archery guidance for clubs (version 1.4)
Return to archery guidance notes for coaches (version 1.4)
Guidance for supporting disabled archers back to archery (Phase 1)
Template risk assessment for returning to archery (version 1.2)

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