BUCS 2018 Outdoor Championships

June 20th 2018
Jane Percival

Students flocked to Lilleshall to go head to head in the 2018 BUCS Outdoor Championships and Head to Head tournament.

A total of 265 entrants from 42 universities took part in the championships, a World Archery 1440 held on the first day. It took around 10 hours to complete but resulted in some stunning shooting. This year’s champions are:

  • Recurve: Tom Hall (Warwick) and Eleanor Piper (Birmingham)
  • Compound: Sam Rees (Birmingham) and Sarah Prieels (Edinburgh)
  • Barebow: William Croydon (Loughborough) and Jessica Nilsson (Edinburgh)
  • Longbow: Alex Newnes (Aberystwyth) and Helen Woodcock (Central Lancashire)
  • Recurve novice: Petr Manas (Edinburgh) and Robin Burton (Edinburgh)
  • Compound novice: Ove Schoeppner (Edinburgh) and Josephine Stewart (St Andrews)
  • Barebow novice: Daniel Kilgallon (Central Lancashire) and Annabel Brunt (Bath)
  • Longbow novice: Edward Hodges (Loughborough) and Isobel Medcroft (Swansea)
  • Non-compound men’s team (experienced): Warwick
  • Non-compound women’s team (experienced): Birmingham
  • Non-compound novice team: Loughborough
  • Compound team: Edinburgh

You can find all the results here.

Day two saw Nottingham Trent University claim top spot on the head-to-head tournament leader board courtesy of gold medals from compounder Sarah Moon and barebow archer Essi Peuhkuri. But it was a close run thing with Warwick hot on Nottingham Trent’s tail and the University of Central Lancashire not far behind in third place.

A total of 219 athletes from 35 universities competed in an event that took around 11 hours to complete. At the end of shooting, the gold medallists were:

  • Recurve: Tom Hall (Warwick) and Johanna Meyer (Edinburgh)
  • Compound: Andrew Brookes (Staffordshire) and Sarah Moon (Nottingham Trent)
  • Longbow: Helen Woodcock (Central Lancashire). Callum Anderson took men’s bronze.
  • Barebow: William Croydon (Loughborough) and Essi Peuhkuri (Nottingham Trent)

You can find all the head to head results here.

Picture: Malcolm Rees

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