Archery GB staff create PPE for the NHS

April 30th 2020
Vicky Sartain

Tom Duggan, AGB’s Paralympic Performance Manager and Kieran Carr, AGB’s Paralympic Technician, have been busy putting Archery GB’s 3D printer to lifesaving use by making protective face masks for the NHS.

The global shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been well documented during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and many of Britain’s 3D printer owners have been rallying to counter the problem.

Tom said: “Along with everyone else, we have watched from a distance the selfless work that the NHS has been doing, and I’m sure like many others, we have felt helpless. We wanted to try and find a way to contribute in a small but practical way. With the news of PPE shortages within the healthcare system and stories about how Design and Technology students were able to produce face masks from a standardised design, we looked into whether this was something that we were able to replicate.

“Through our partnership with The Worshipful Company of Fletchers, we have a 3D printer that over the past 18 months we’ve been using to make bespoke pieces of equipment for the Paralympic archers. We’ve been able to reconfigure the printer to be able to produce face masks/visors that NHS staff are using as part of their PPE. We spoke with a carer who works with the team when we travel to competitions and who is now volunteering within the NHS, around the requirements and specifics on the design, to ensure that what we were able to produce was fit for purpose. Following some prototypes, we’re now scaling the production up to be able to produce 100 face masks a week that we are putting into circulation through the NHS. We know it’s only a small contribution but if it helps in a small way then we think it has been worth it.”

If you own a 3D printer and would like to help the NHS, visit 3DCrowd UK for details on how to sign up.

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