Archery GB Chair announces Elected Board Members

April 28th 2020
Vicky Sartain

Dear archery community, this is the first year that members have been able to use One Member One Vote to elect directors to the AGB Board. This has proven fortuitous given the current lockdown and the need to adjourn the AGM from 18 April 2020.

Over 1,100 votes were cast and I am delighted to report that you have elected the following members to the Board:

  • Andrew Stanford
  • Lizzy Rees (re-elected)
  • Steve Tully (re-elected)
  • Victoria Barby

I would like to welcome Lizzy and Steve back to the Board, where we appreciate their knowledge of archery and their contribution to the strategic direction and oversight of archery in the UK. We also look forward to working with Victoria and Andy, who bring additional and complementary skills and experience to the Board.

Erik Rowbotham is stepping down from the Board and I would like to thank Erik for all his hard work, including on the Audit and Risk Committee, where both his strategic vision and his ability to delve forensically into the numbers has been invaluable.

One of our Independent directors, Lis Bellamy, has been reappointed by the Board for a second term and we look forward to continuing to work with Lis, who adds a valuable legal and management perspective to the Board.

As you know, we have had to adjourn the AGM from 18 April 2020 due to the lockdown. Due to our articles, we are required to hold an AGM within 15 months of the last AGM and have therefore set a date of 11 July 2020 for the rescheduled AGM. At this stage our plan is to hold it remotely, by video conferencing. Even if the lockdown has been lifted by July, social distancing will most probably still be in force and it makes no sense to risk the health of our members and staff by holding a physical meeting. We will, of course, keep you informed.

Mark Briegal

Chair, Archery GB

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