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Yakoob Ali

Co-opted Director

Since 2006 I have been actively involved with a local community archery, where I have made a strong contribution encouraging members to take part in county tournaments, which otherwise they would not have. I am aware of the motivation of such clubs and their members. I have a passion for archery and the development of archers. As such, I have a been a coach since 2015 and have achieved the role of County Coach. I have taken on the role of CCO within Leicestershire & Rutland where I will continue to work with the development of coaching and archers. I have strong business and management skills which will make a positive contribution to the organisation. With extensive experience of managing projects, solving problems, and working with teams to effect change, demonstrated by some of the large-scale projects I have implemented. With my knowledge of business and participation with community clubs I hope to bring a unique insight to the Archery GB board.

Mark Davies

Chairman and Independent Director

What have I done that qualifies me for this role: I have been on public and private company Boards, and have seen plenty of examples of what works and what doesn’t! In terms of sport, I grew up in a sporting family, spent five years at BBC Sport, and was involved with issues relating to sports governance in my business career. What will I bring to this role: I want to bridge the gap between the traditional part of the sport which has successfully existed for centuries, and the requirements placed upon us by the modern governance framework on which much of the funding that makes a lot of difference to us is derived.

Neil Armitage

Chief Executive

I joined archery GB initially as an independent non-exec & Chair of Audit Committee. I was then asked to sit in as interim CEO to oversee the development of the 4 year strategy and resolve a number of governance shortcomings. I was appointed as full time CEO in September 2016. I have previously worked at Board level 2001-2015 in the (heavily regulated) financial services sector and run my own consultancy business advising on business strategy, governance, marketing and business development. I have a sound background of corporate governance and risk particularly on board restructuring and helping re-build executive and non-executive teams. I have experience in business development, marketing, distribution, produce development, operations and strategy. I am relatively new to the world of sport although I am climbing quickly up a steep learning curve. My academic background is as follows: Exeter University; Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Manchester Business School Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing (FCIM) Languages: Reasonable French and a little German which has facilitated the development of several businesses outside of the UK and coordinate the activities of cross-border teams.

Steve Tully

Elected Director

What have I done that qualifies me for this role: I have many years of experience leading and developing a highly successful archery club in Surrey and I have worked with many influential people both within and outside our sport in order to help the club grow and to improve our sports public profile. In the commercial world I have directed a number of successful large complex projects from inception to completion and I have the drive and determination to turn a vision into reality. What will I bring to this role: I am passionate about grass roots archery and continuing the growth of our sport from a strong bedrock of clubs around the country. I will ensure that the Board and the Executive are continually reminded of the needs of 21st century club archers, whilst working to achieve realistic strategies to grow our sport in line with Government and Sport England guidance and funding opportunities.

Pippa Britton

Elected Director, Equity Champion

What have I done that qualifies me for this role: I have been involved in archery for many years and competed on the British team for 15 years, attending 2 Paralympics and winning 24 International medals from 24 events. I am currently a member of the Para Archery Committee at World Archery, vice-chair at both UK Anti Doping and Sport Wales and Chair of Disability Sport Wales. I am a Level 3 coach and have presented coaching courses for both World Archery and Archery GB. My other roles have included disability awareness training for schools, Government departments and businesses, and I am a qualified coach and mentor. What will I bring to this role: I have a huge amount of experience, both in archery and in governance roles and I want to bring both to the Board. I care passionately about the sport that has given me so much and am really excited to look to the future and encourage more people to grow within it. Being able to support archery from grass roots to elite will be a privilege. My experience in both archery and life has given me a particular interest in equity and diversity and I hope we can promote the fact that archery is truly something special - a sport for all.

Lizzy Rees

Elected Director

What have I done that qualifies me for this role: As a member of the GB & N.I Field Archery Team, I have nine senior international caps and a world championship title, all of which have allowed me to gain a detailed understanding of the competition side of archery. Academically, I have a 1st class B.Sc. reading Sports Performance Analysis from the University of Bath, a course which I chose to specifically focus around the sport of archery. Recently awarded my County Coach qualification, I also have a great understanding and interest in the development of coaching. What will I bring to this role: As the youngest member of the board, I hope to bring new and innovative ideas which will adhere to the needs of the younger members, those who are arguably the future of the sport. I will encourage the acknowledgement and acceptance of archery in all of its forms, maintaining the traditions of the sport, but encouraging its future development. Finally, I will endeavour to bridge the communication gap between the board and its members, ensuring the wishes of the membership are at the forefront of the board’s decision making.

Julie Ryan

Elected Director, Safeguarding Champion

Erik Rowbotham

Elected Director

My updated Bio - only minor updates; What have I done that qualifies me for this role: Archery is a sport that I have been a part of since 1999. I have previous experience as an NGB Board Director, Communications Officer and have also been an Archery Club Treasurer and Captain. In addition to my current full time job as a Project Manager for global technology change initiatives in the Finance sector, sports organisations have been previous employers of mine in both a paid and voluntary capacity for over 12 years. Directors should be representatives of the membership and stewards of the sport, able to further improve the organisation’s processes and frameworks to best serve its current and future members. I believe that with my background of experience inside and outside of the sport I can assist ArcheryGB in the next steps of its journey. What will I bring to this role: Through leadership, accountability, & an ability to listen, I bring my professional management skills, a drive towards best practice and a varied sporting background. My academic years afforded me the opportunity to study ‘culture change at Board level’ in the airline industry and the ‘Governance, Structure & Strategy’ of another sports NGB, both of which are areas of importance for ArcheryGB today. In addition to this, I have recently completed a unique two year part-time MBA-level ‘Masters of Sport Directorship’ course where I learned in greater detail how sports organisations can perform at a level of sustainable high performance, both operationally and on the field of play."

Elisabeth Bellamy

Independent Director

What have I done that qualifies me for this role? I have been a solicitor for many years, practising in the UK and in Singapore, and was the managing partner of a law firm for eleven years. I was a member of the Law Society’s Professional Standards and Ethics Committee for over 6 years and am now a non-executive Director of the Office for Legal Complaints which oversees the Legal Ombudsman. I have been involved in other organisations which rely heavily on volunteer support including being the membership secretary of a swimming club and holding various roles within Girl Guiding. What will I bring to this role? I have a particular interest in archery as my son took up the sport as a teenager and now, as an adult, has competed at a senior level. I understand the challenges faced in trying to balance the competing interests of different types of archers – recognising that archery is both a hobby and a sport. I am a firm believer in fairness and openness and want to ensure that those principles are embedded throughout Archery GB.

Catherine Wilson

Chairman of Audit & Risk Committee and Senior Independent Director

What have I done that qualifies me for this role: I have worked in the City as both a solicitor and an investment banker, sitting on various credit committees and juggling different stakeholders within an organization to ensure complex projects happen. What will I bring to this role: I hope to be able to help with the ever increasing requirements of corporate governance across all aspects of the company and to ensure a safe and solid financial future for Archery GB as well as seeing an already successful organization grow to the next level

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