The Rules Of Shooting

The Rules of Shooting are approved to give guidance to archers so they may practice their sport and engage in safe, fair competition with a spirit of friendly rivalry, all in keeping with the motto of "Union, Trueheart and Courtesie".

On this page you can find links to the current Rule Books and SAPs from Archery GB and World Archery. Please remember to review these regularly as they are live documents and do change from time to time.

Rules of Shooting – April 2022Amends

The Rules of Shooting have been updated. As previously notified in Archery UK, the following areas have been revised:

  • Inclusion of the Asiatic Bowstyle
  • Bouncer update at 306 (h) to refer to having suspected a rebound has occurred
  • Recognised round name updates to change the Short / Junior and Short Junior round names
  • Equipment failure regulations to bring the WA rules in for the World Archery Rounds, and to describe what to apply with Metric rounds
  • Crossbow rounds to introduce the ability to use multi-face setups where needed.

Despite receiving no comments on changing the names on some of the recognised rounds, further consultation will be undertaken to identify any unintended consequences. Archery GB is still seeking to amend some round names that discourage archers from shooting a round that suits their personal circumstances. Any comments should be sent to

The latest Rules of Shooting can be downloaded here.

Links to the various rule books are below: