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Junior Awards and Badges

Archery GB Progress Awards Scheme

Membership Services October 2014

Scheme Outline and Procedures.

The Archery GB Progress Awards are designed to provide beginners and younger archers with awards for developing their archery skills. The junior age groups are aligned with educational key stages. The scheme can also be used as an adult beginner incentive.

The scheme is open to all archers and is operated by archery clubs, schools and youth groups etc who practice target archery. There is no requirement for recipients to be Archery GB members although many will be.

The award comprises a rectangular badge showing the Archery GB logo and the word "progress" on a coloured background. The background colours are the colours on an archery target, working from the outer colour to the inner colour. These colours indicate increasing proficiency. The colours are white, black, blue, red and gold.

Qualification for an Archery GB Progress Award badge is by score. Shooting requirements are as follows:

• Shooting may be indoors or outdoors.

• The archer must shoot 36 arrows in ends of 6 arrows. This may be shot in one session of 36 arrows or in 2 sessions of 18 arrows each.

• A maximum of 12 arrows warm-up is allowed per session.

• Archers must achieve the scores shown in Appendices 1 to 4 as appropriate. Scoring requirements vary according to:

o Bow style:
Longbow/Barebow/Fibreglass bow
o Age
o Gender
o Target face size
o Distance

A badge colour can only be claimed once irrespective of age group or bow style. However, missed colours may be claimed when a junior archer moves up an age group.

To join the scheme, there is a one-off registration fee. An application form is at Appendix 5.

Badges are available (£2 each) from Archery GB Membership Services. Those operating the scheme may purchase badges in advance, so that they can be presented as soon as the award is achieved. A badge order form is at Appendix 6.

Archery clubs, schools and youth groups etc taking part in the Archery GB Progress Awards Scheme should comply with Archery GB's Laws, Rules of shooting, Policies and Codes of Conduct.

Enquiries about Archery GB Progress Awards should be addressed to Archery GB Membership Services:

Tel: 01952 677 888


Appendix 1: Score Required - Junior Archers - Recurve
Appendix 2: Score Required - Junior Archers - Compound
Appendix 3: Score Required - Junior Archers - Longbow/Barebow/Fibreglass bow
Appendix 4: Score Required - Beginner Adult Archers
Appendix 5: Archery GB Progress Award - Club Registration Form
Appendix 6: Archery GB Progress Award - Badge Order Form

*Please Note - A £10 registration fee is applicable. All cheques are to be made payable to Archery GB*


The Junior Award Scheme is run annually for all archers up to the age of 18, regardless of bow type or discipline. JAWS points are awarded for various achievements, and are recorded in the JAWS booklet. This is then submitted at the end of the year, and the entries ranked by the total points.

There are several trophies in the scheme. The highest points totals in the under-18 and under-15 groups, and the highest annual points increase in those groups all take a trophy. There is also one for the highest handicap improvement during the year. All entrants receive a certificate, and the top 100 receive a badge as well.

The booklet is in three sections. In the first, you get points for your scores in the "Championship" rounds in Target, Field, and Clout, regardless of whether you shot them at a tournament or not. In the second, you get points for entering tournaments, with extra for coming first, second, or third, and bonuses for entering National, Regional or County competitions. In the third section, you get points for lots of other achievements, from improving your handicap to setting National records.

We hope there is something for everyone to aim at, and set their goals for the year. If you have any suggestions for improvement, let the Junior Committee know.

Please return the completed booklet to:

Mrs Helen Woodcock, Chairman of the Junior Committee, Archery GB, Lilleshall National Sports & Conference Centre, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 9AT.

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