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What is ontarget? What is a 'club development programme'?

ontarget is Archery GB's club development programme. Archery GB recognises the commitment and vital role that clubs play in growing the sport. A strong and healthy network of clubs is essential if archery is to grow and flourish. We want to establish a strong and healthy network of clubs and see ontarget as one way we can do this. We see this as a new beginning where Archery GB can offer some structure and vision for club development.

Club development is simply a process to structure and determine how a club will develop for the future. Club development is taking stock of a club's capacity and aspirations, and then determining the next steps to recruiting more members or just simply improving services for existing members.

Our club has done very well on its own for the past few years and we have enough money, members and equipment that we need. Why bother?

Well, ontarget is not trying to undermine all the good work that has happened at club level over the past few years. Some clubs have not been as fortunate and ontarget will provide a structure for those clubs to enable them to determine what they want to do and how they want to develop and choose their own path to get there. On the flip side, we still would encourage clubs that are already developed to join the programme as we can benefit from your experience and share your good practice with others.

I thought Clubmark was the club development programme?

Clubmark is a nationally recognised accreditation scheme for clubs with junior members and although Archery GB can award Clubmark to any UK club, it is a Sport England funded initiative and therefore not officially recognised by the Home Country Sports Councils (Sport Scotland, Sport Wales and Sport NI) nor the Home Country Local Authorities. Only 26 clubs have achieved Clubmark over the past few years and we do not see this as overly successfully.

That said, we suggest if a club felt that it would benefit from achieving Clubmark it should continue to work towards accreditation as many Local Authorities in England and County Sports Partnerships do provide benefits for completing Clubmark.

It is compulsory for clubs to join?

No. If you feel that your club will not benefit from joining ontarget, then don't. It isn't policy from Archery GB and it isn't compulsory.

What happens if my clubs doesn't want to join ontarget?

Clubs not joining will not be able to access the benefits and rewards.

Why does it say that Home County clubs will benefit from the "majority" of rewards and benefits?

The funding to support the development of ontarget has been provided by Sport England as part of the Development Plan for England, and therefore some rewards and benefits might only be available to English clubs. However, as the Governing Body for the whole of the UK, Archery GB's ontarget programme is therefore available to any affiliated club and we will work with clubs and other partners outside of England to ensure that all clubs joining ontarget are provided with a range of benefits.

What is a 'specialism'?

ontarget is an evolving programme and quite simply we want clubs to have input into the way that ontargetwill develop. So clubs join the programme, and then decide which specialism is right for their club. There are three specialisms - Community, Young People and Performance.

Specialisms are about clubs doing activity not collecting paperwork. The 'specialism' process is an ongoing one and not an end in itself, all clubs will be invited to explore how to improve the activities that they provide. ontarget clubs are invited to consider how they currently provide activity against seven characteristics and tell us what activity they are generating to meet but also expand on. You can read more about Specialisms here.

Why would the club want to specialise? We're open to everyone and we don't want to turn people away?

The specialisms are not being designed to be restrictive. If a club has a young people specialism, then it will still be available for everyone else to join. See the specialisms as a statement of the club's intentions to develop. All clubs will be allowed to specialise in one, two or all three areas. Finally, ontarget is an evolving programme and it may be that the specialisms change and adapt as the programme develops.

How do I find out which clubs are in the programme?

A list of clubs is available here and clubs will be provided with a copy of the logo to display on their websites and letterheads, and we will provide updates to partners when clubs join.

Does Archery GB have a set number of clubs that it wants to join ontarget?

No. Although there is limited funding all clubs are invited to join. There are currently over 180 clubs signed up.

Can schools link to ontarget clubs?

Absolutely, but only if the club and the school want to link. ontarget is a development programme so does not provide an accreditation mark such as Clubmark, obviously some schools might require clubs to have Clubmark or at the very least undertake CRB checks and safeguarding training.

What about University clubs?

University clubs can register for ontarget as well. Further support and resources for University clubs will be available soon.

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